At present, the Psalterium Institute ensembles consist of the Chamber Choir and Boy Choir with other ensembles planned for the near future. If you would like to audition (or sign your boy up) for any of these ensembles, see the audition form below.


Rehearsals take place in the rehearsal studio located at 57 Main Street, Lisbon Falls.


Personal preparation is expected. Choristers receive a weekly mailing from the director outlining music for personal preparation prior to the next rehearsal.

The Chamber Choir rehearses on Mondays from 6:30-8:30pm.

The Boy Choir rehearses on Saturdays from 10:00am-12:00pm. Parents are invited to visit and enjoy a cup of coffee together while the boys rehearse.


Barring extenuating circumstances (family emergencies, sickness, unforeseen work commitments), regular attendance at rehearsals is expected and attendance at performances/liturgies is mandatory. A significant number of absences will result in a review of your participation in our ensembles by the director. 


Auditions for the Chamber Choir are held during the months of August and January. 

Auditions for the Boy Choir are held on a rolling basis.

Auditions for the Chamber Choir consist of the following:

  • Sing the melody of The Glory of These Forty Days (link to score here) in a key you find comfortable.

  • Sing several vocal exercises as directed to determine your range (accompanied).

  • Match pitches given in groups of three to five pitches.

  • Sight a short excerpt of music in your voice part (soprano, alto, tenor, or bass).

Auditions for the Boy Choir consist of the following:

  • Sing Happy Birthday (accompanied)

  • Match single pitches given from a piano.

  • Sing a scale (both up and down) to determine the boy's range.

Audition Form

Voice Part(s) (if known):