Participating in a dedicated choir offers boys the opportunity to develop musical and performance skills, including an understanding of how to present oneself in a public setting, while also offering a peer community that enables boys to learn the value of practice and discipline in the pursuit of excellence.  Along the way, singing in boy choirs can lead to the development of the unique, lasting friendships that evolve as the boys work together toward shared goals.


In practical terms, the program is comprised of weekly, two hour rehearsals consisting of vocal and physical warm-up exercises, practice in group vocal technique, and the rehearsal of specific choral works.  Additional elements will include learning and practicing specific aural and sight-singing skills, a yearly summer music camp, and opportunities for individual vocal instruction after rehearsals.

For boys from age 7 until their voices change, the Psalterium Boy Choir focuses on providing a comprehensive musical formation program including musical education, character formation, and camaraderie.  There is a long tradition of Boy Choirs in the Catholic and Anglican traditions. When they are young, boys’ voices have a purity of tone which has enabled the development of a uniquely, and uniquely beautiful, repertoire and tradition.