In keeping with our Catholic foundation, the Institute has a specific initiative dedicated to promoting, performing, and offering instruction in the broad range of Catholic liturgical settings and traditions.


Focused instructional opportunities include offering liturgical training to music directors, cantors, and clergy, while also being available to consult with clergy and staff to develop a vision and liturgical program for parishes, including helping develop strategies to facilitate implementation.


More broadly, the Institute offers the services of its choral ensembles for the celebration of specific liturgies when requested by clergy or music directors, in addition to organizing liturgies for feast days throughout the year that will serve both as celebrations for the specific feast and as models for pastors and music directors seeking greater insight into how this music can be integrated into the liturgy of the Church.


Finally, as part of its instructional and performance program, the Institute highlights The Divine Office as a particularly beautiful and deeply rooted tradition whereby the Church and her communities regularly come together to pray.  The Psalms as an ancient prayer tradition and the Divine Office as a liturgical tradition repeated daily over the centuries offer practices in both music and prayer that have grounded the prayer life of countless Catholics while also forming the foundation and inspirations for many cultural traditions.