As with any musical organization, the ultimate goal for the Psalterium Institute is to hold regular performances which appeal to the public’s imagination with the production of top quality repertoire.  With our group, however, the purpose is two-fold: First, of course, to present the public with music that will inspire a deeper appreciation for the role of beauty in our world, but, second, to use that beauty to highlight a transcendent understanding of our world that culminates – for many people, and certainly in the long Catholic tradition – in contemplation and prayer. Because of this, many of our appearances take place in the context of the Divine Office, thereby contextualizing the beauty of the music within its native prayer tradition and allowing the listener to experience the music without the distractions of traditional performance models.


Whether the performances are liturgical or secular, our goal is to preserve and promote the choral music of our tradition – whether Gregorian chant, traditional polyphony, or the best of modern composition – as a treasure to be valued by all regardless of background or beliefs.