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The human voice is a uniquely beautiful manifestation of the musical arts.  Using only the instruments of body and breath, singers give voice to melodies and harmonies that seek to uplift or console, entertain or challenge, to help the listener transcend the immediate and contemplate a particular vision of beauty.


The Psalterium Institute is dedicated to the mission of training singers to produce beautiful choral music, while also instructing them in the traditions of Catholic sacred music including Gregorian chant, sacred polyphony, and modern sacred repertoire.

For both singers and listeners, in settings both sacred and secular, the Institute will serve as a source of education and formation in broader musical education in the context of the Catholic musical tradition, and in specific forms and expressions of sacred Catholic liturgy.


While the Psalterium Institute intends to present learning and listening opportunities to an array of audiences, it also hopes to be of particular service to the church by training clergy, music directors, cantors, and choristers for the full range of liturgical offerings throughout the The Diocese of Portland.


We aim to offer opportunities not only for singers, but enthusiasts of choral music of all backgrounds.


In liturgy and in concert, choral music has the potential to deeply move both singers and listeners.


The sacred choral tradition of the Catholic Church is at its best in the context of the liturgy.